Shawshank Redemption - movie mistakes

Whilst The Shawshank Redemption is a beautifully made movie, there are a few mistakes. Most are listed below.

  • In the year the story is set federal income taxes were due on March 15th, and not April 15th as they where stated.
  • When Warden Norton shoots himself under the chin the scene changes to a wide shot.  The bullet hole moves between the scenes.  Frank Darabont admits that this was a mistake.  In 2004 at the 10 year anniversary of the Shawshank Redemption this scene was fixed as it bugged Frank Darabont so much.
  • On the newspaper headline announcing the corruption at Shawshank prison the word "indictment" is misspelled as "indictement".
  • When Red sits in the hay field in New England the sound of a cactus wren is clearly audible.  Central Texas would have had the nearest cactus wren.
  • During the aerial shot at the beginning of the film the new jail is visible behind the old jail.
  • When Red is riding on the bus going up the hill, a car which does not belong to that period is visible in a driveway.
  • When Tommy enters the yard to talk to Warden Norton about confirming Andy’s innocence, the Warden offers Tommy a Marlboro cigarette.  The packet has Marlboro Miles on them, which only appeared during the 1990’s.
  • When Brooks holds Heywood, and holds a knife to his neck, blood is visible on one shot, but then disappears in the next shot, before appearing again.
  • Red’s hat falls to the sand after it is blown from his head by the wind.  The next scene shows his hat further from the sea then Red had originally walked.
  • Warden Norton gives Andy a pie on a plate in a pie box.  When Andy and Red are eating the pie although the box is the same the plate is different.
  • Andy goes to the bank to withdraw the warden’s money.  A man is standing at the counter talking to a teller.  As Andy leaves the bank the same man walks up to the teller’s window.
  • As the Warden gives his “Inside Out” speech a CP-16R camera with a new style magazine is visible.
  • As Andy and Red talk about Andy’s rock hammer, Red is playing catch with other prisoners.  Red catches the ball, talks to Andy, and then catches the ball again, before he throws the ball back.
  • When the driver drops Red at Buxton he says “Here it is”, but the drivers lips continue to move after the sound has stopped.
  • The recording of "Le nozze di Figaro" is from 1968, after the setting of the movie.
  • Brooks hangs himself by kicking a table from below his feet.  His feet barely fall at all.  In the next shot we see that he should have fallen a much further distance.
  • The poster of Rita Hayworth that Andy has on his cell wall is from a collection of celebrity posters from the early 1960’s, way after the period of the story.
  • When Red is reading Andy’s letter we see the letter from the written side which has horizontal creases. When the scene changes we see the letter from the back, and the letter has vertical creases.
  • When the cells are tossed Andy’s small stone-works are knocked by prison guard Hadley.  The Bishop swaps between standing up and being knocked over incorrectly between shots.


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