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A great film....a great site

Shawshank Redemption is one of the 10 greatest movies ever made in cinematic history. There aren't many films that underline values such as friendship,companionship and above all hope, like this one.The acting,the script,the directing,the photograph,the soundtrack of the film are all trully unique.I feel sorry that we don't see any longer films of this magnitude..studios care only about profits and quality comes usually in second place.I think that this film must be taught in acting schools like dylan's songs are taught in poetry lessons at universities.
The site is excellent with many informations about the mistakes and the facts during the shooting.I do apologise for the bad english. God bless you all..

'Remember Red hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies'

thank you

I found the web site while Googling myself.I was the onset dresser for Shawshank.Working on the film has been the highlight of my career.After all this time it is so cool to see people still care about this Film.Thank you

the film that gave me the fire back

Found the website while googling myself.I was the onset dresser for the film.I was at a low point in my career,Had been doing movies of the week.Lots of murder one's I was burned out and thinking of getting out of the biz.I was on location and one of the set dresser's got a call asking him to go to Ohio to do a union show.He couldnt go.He gave me the info,I called and got the job.This web site has reminded me of how lucky I was to be part of Shawshank.Thank you

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