The Stand (book)

The Stand is a epic novel written by Stephen King, originally published in 1978. The Stand includes the ideas of an earlier Stephen King story Night Surf, from the collection Night Shift.

In 1990 The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition was re-released. This re-released version contained text originally cut from the first release and new and revised sections. The setting of the novel was changed from 1975 to 1990.

A planned movie of The Stand was not produced, however a TV miniseries was created in 1994.

Basic plot

In the first part of the story a human-made superflu virus, official known as "Project Blue" but more commonly known as "Captain Trips", sweeps across North America, killing most of the human population. More than 99% of people are susceptible to Captain Trips. The disease has a mortality rate of 100%. Society breaks down with widespread violence and government control. The expanded edition contains a prologue that explains how the superflu was developed and escaped into society.

A number of survivors undertake cross-country journeys. One group of survivors are drawn together by the shared dreams of a 108 year old black woman from Hemingford Home, Nebraska, who they see as a refugee. This woman, Abagail Freemantle (known as Mother Abagail), becomes the spiritual leader of this group of survivors, who attempt to re-establish a democratic society in the city of Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is found to be the only city in America that is largely clear of plague victims, the city having emptied out due to a rumor spread during the plague that the disease started in the Boulder air testing center.

Another group of survivors are drawn to Las Vegas, Nevada, by an evil being with supernatural powers. This group rebuild the city and amass weapons.

The Stand is the confrontation of good against evil, as the two groups become aware of one another. The groups see each other as a threat to their own survival.


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